Review Policy / Other Services

Review Policy:
  • Physical copies of books are preferred, but I will also accept eBooks. I prefer .mobi and .epub file types if possible.
  • I will read most genres, but my preferred ones include Fantasy, Young Adult (preferably anything BUT contemporary/romance), Graphic Novels, Literature, Children/Teen's, Mystery, Thriller, Science Fiction, biography/memoir - if you have any questions or are unsure about whether or not I would be interested in your book, just send me an email and I'd be happy to take a look and let you know.  
  • I do not read erotica, overtly religious, or romance. (Note: Fictional religions such as those found in fantasy books are perfectly fine; this refers to books that preach about a specific religion found in our world)
  • I will read and review books in as timely a manner as I am able. I also attend university, work, and have internships, but I will make time to complete my reviews. Generally, one can expect a review up in roughly a month after receiving the book. If a book is not received on time, rescheduling will occur.
  • I am 100% honest in my reviews. If I do not like a book, I will say it. If I love it, I will say it. I will always be courteous, but I will always  be honest. I generally am able to point out both strong areas and flaws in most books, whether I liked it or not, so most books generally get a fair shot. I will not pretend to like a book that I did not enjoy, and I will not promise any type of review. I will not accept payment for a false review. Also, please do not fear any overtly hateful reviews; I do not see the point in being malicious towards any particular book or author. If I have negative things to say about a book, it will be done in a non-personal manner. 
  • I am best reached at I check it daily, unless stated otherwise. You may also try to reach me through Twitter or Tumblr.
  • I cannot promise that I will accept every review request, but I am always willing to look them over.
  • I will listen to author pitches, but I will not guarantee that I will read any book. I accept self-published books, but again, only after I have been given information about the book and am able to make my decision. 
I reserve the right to alter the above policy in any way as the needs arise. If you have any questions, please to not hesitate to email me at foreverlostinliterature AT gmail DOT com.

*Please note that I do accept self-published and independent book requests. However, because of this I receive a large volume of requests and am physically/mentally unable to accept all of them.

Review Format:

Nothing irks me more than when I want to read a review of a book and the first four (long) paragraphs are describing the plot. For the most part - yes, I know the plot, all I want to do is read a review. This sort of sets up the fact that my reviews will not have huge plot descriptions at the beginning, though, of course, there may be exceptions in various circumstances. I may have a short one paragraph plot summary at most, but this will not always be the case.

Rating Key:

One star = Not very enjoyable, would not read again.
Two star = It was okay. Definitely not great, but not so horrible that it gets only one star.
Three stars = It was decent, solid. I didn't hate it, but I didn't really love it either. It was a so-so read, nothing to make me fall in love, but nothing to make me talk crap about it.
Four stars = Really good. I enjoyed it a lot, and probably really liked, but it didn't quite push me into that "wow" factor.
Five stars = AMAZING. "Wow" factor totally present. Loved it. Adding it to my favorites shelf. Bravo, author, bravo.

Other Services:
Don't need a full review? Am I booked up and unable to do a review in time? Never fear! If you would still like to be featured on my blog, I do have spots available for author guest posts, book spotlights, and author interviews (or if you have another idea, feel free to email me with it!). I am unable to take all requests, but I try my best to do whatever I can to make requests work. 

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  1. Cool. I might reach out to you when I finish my novel.