Monday, February 23, 2015

Review Policy

As I begin to delve deeper and deeper into the world of reviewing books, I have finally realized the need for a review policy. Or rather, a need to finally get around to creating mine. Thus, my review policy is as follows:
  • Physical copies of books are preferred, but I will also accept/review eBooks. I prefer .mobi and .epub file types if possible.
  • I will read most genres, but my preferred ones (in order of preference) include Fantasy, Young Adult (preferably anything BUT contemporary/romance), Graphic Novels, Literature, Children/Teen's, Mystery, Thriller, some Science Fiction, biography/memoir. If your book lies in a genre not listed, just ask. :)
  • I do not read erotica, overtly religious, or romance. 
  • I will read and review books in as timely a manner as I am able. I also attend university, work, and have internships, but I will make time to complete my reviews. Generally, one can expect a review up in roughly a month after receiving the book. If a book is not received on time, rescheduling will occur, however I cannot guarantee the speediness of the rescheduling, as I have other commitments I must get to that were made prior to the rescheduling conflict. 
  • I am 100% honest in my reviews. If I do not like a book, I will say it. If I love it, I will say it. I will always be courteous, but I will always  be honest. I generally am able to point out both strong areas and flaws in most books, whether I liked it or not, so most books generally get a fair shot. I will not pretend to like a book that I did not enjoy, and I will not promise any type of review. I will not accept payment for a false review.
  • I am best reached at I check it daily, unless stated otherwise. You may also try to reach me through Twitter or Tumblr.
  • I will respond to every review request. I cannot promise that I will accept every review request, but I will respond whether I accept or deny it. 
  • I will listen to author pitches, but I will not guarantee that I will read the book. I accept self-published books, but again, only after I have been given information about the book and am able to make my decision. 
  • Once I have completed a review book, I will have the review up within three days. I will also most likely post the review on Goodreads and Amazon, unless asked otherwise. 
I reserve the right to alter the above policy in any way as the needs arise. If you have any questions, please to not hesitate to email me at foreverlostinliterature AT gmail DOT com. 

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