Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Update from upcoming YA novelist Sacha Rines!

Back in early September, I wrote a mini-review of three sample chapters from an upcoming YA novelist Sacha Rines. Well, a little over a month later I received another email from Rines informing me that she had finished the draft and would like me to do a review of the full manuscript, which I was excited to do, so here it is!

The remainder of this story was just as enjoyable as the beginning. Venia is as sarcastic and snarky as always, and I loved every page of it. What strikes me the most is how relatable Venia is. I really felt like I was in her thoughts and had a solid grasp of her personality and who she really is as a person. It made me want to be her friend because of her wit, realistic outlook, and lively commentary.

As she continues the story, the pacing continues to be upbeat and moves at a quick pace, but this is still a fitting style for the story, and I never felt lost or confused in the plot. There is a greater amount of detail added into the story that provides more information important to the understanding of the story. Rines continues to develop the special gifts of her characters, and she does so in both entertaining and informative ways. Creating any sort of new world - especially one that includes special gifts, talents, or magic - is always difficult, but Rines pulls it off with grace - and a great deal of humour. This is the perfect book for you if you enjoy humor and lightweight plots. However, this doesn't mean that the characters are lightweight, as they are, in fact, quite complex and multi-dimensional, which is what can truly help to bring a story to life.

Rines' voice is as strong as ever, and her characters continued to delight me. As a draft, there are still some areas that could use a bit of strengthening, and there are a few minor mistakes here and there, but I find this to be completely expected and it truly did not detract from my enjoyment of the story. Overall, I'd give this story four stars for it style, plot, and engaging characters, but three stars in regards to its overall construction and grammar. I hope everyone else has the chance to read this story soon, so stay tuned!

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