Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Strictly Mobile: How the Largest Man-Made Platform in History is Changing Our World by Kevin Talbot

**I received a copy of Strictly Mobile in exchange for an honest review**

Strictly Mobile: How the Largest Man-Made Platform in History is Changing Our World, edited by Kevin Talbot. Lioncrest Publishing, 142 pages. Ebook. 

We live in an every-changing world, and with the vast amount of advancements happening everyday in technology, we seem to be going full speed ahead. If you're at all interested in any of these advancements, then Strictly Mobile is the perfect book for you. 

When I was first given a copy of Strictly Mobile, I wasn't entirely sure what to expect, so I was surprised to find that it consists of twelve separate essays from notable mobile technology leaders and entrepreneurs rather than a book with one author. This format worked extremely well, as each author  discussed a one of the many hot topics circulating the mobile world, such as self-driving cars, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and a variety of other topics. Each author provides a very brief but comprehensive explanation of each particular idea and explains both the positive and more complicated aspects of each. 

What I liked about this format of having separate essays was that it gave such credibility to each subject that was discussed. It was helpful to be able to read from someone who is directly working on that particular idea, rather than reading a comprehensive guide by one singular author. It gave a very well-rounded, realistic, and understandable view of the benefits and components of each thing. 

This is, chiefly, an extremely pro-technology and techno-optimistic book. Now, I personally don't agree with everything that was said in each essay. In fact, I almost found it overly optimistic at times, and perhaps I just don't see some of these advancements in as much of a aggressively positive manner as these mobile leaders do, but that's just my own opinion. Do I believe that self-driving cars will truly take off with the general public anytime soon after it's finished? Honestly, not really, but I still found the arguments and information provided enlightening and well-researched. I enjoyed reading about the positive aspects of every idea because it allowed me to think about these developments in different ways and understand the more beneficial aspects that I wasn't aware of, even if I don't necessarily agree with everything said.

Although there is not any overly groundbreaking information within Strictly Mobile, it is a solid read with a lot of interesting information that analyzes and explains groundbreaking ideas, and I think many people would find enjoyable and informative. Thus, I am giving it four stars. 

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