Friday, April 7, 2017

Discussion: Keeping Track of Short Stories — How Do You Catalog Them in Your Yearly Reading?

One of the course I'm taking for this final quarter of University is focused on reading world literature, and we are doing this through reading a variety of short stories from around the globe. Because I generally like to keep track of my yearly reading (using Goodreads, for instance, as well as my own Excel spreadsheet with more details), this prompted me to consider how short stories should be included in reading lists, as I've yet to determine a good way to include short stories.

If I'm reading a collection of short stories and I read the entire book, then I just count that as one book. But how do you include short, 20-40 page stories? Does it matter? I consider short stories just as important as full-length novels and I always want to keep track of them. It's fairly easy to include in my Excel document, as I include page counts in my tracking, but on apps and websites like Goodreads, it becomes slightly more complicated.

Because of this, I'm curious to find out how you all include short stories in your yearly reading lists, or if you even count them at all. Or, maybe you don't even consider this a problem because you don't keep yearly reading lists. So please leave a comment below with your opinion on this topic! 

Do you combine a certain amount of short stories and then add them together one book? Do you count them individually? Do you even worry about including short stories in your yearly reading? Let me know!


  1. Hi :) I just discovered your blog and I'm glad because I really like your content ^^

    I do read short stories, but quite rarely. Usually if it's one of the longer ones, say 20+ pages, then I do count them on Goodreads like any regular book. Sometimes for the shorter ones, I just rate them but don't include dates so that they are not included in my reading challenge.If you want, you could create a new shelf on GR just for your short stories, to keep trap of them. That's what I do for the comics I read, which are also way shorter than novels.

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  2. I don't usually read too many short stories. I will read anthologies and collections of short stories and I count them as one book, but I seldom just read a short. I used to be a stickler about only marking books that I read, but now days I count novellas and if I read over half of a book and write a review I count it even if it is a DNF because I invested time into it.

  3. I usually don't include anything under 100 pages in my yearly GR goal, with a few exceptions. I do the same as Soudha said in her comment sometimes for short stories and extra things that go with series---I mark them as read and have a shelf for them but don't put in a date.

    But I'm having a similar problem right now because I just started reading a webcomic and have found more I want to read, except I can't figure out if I should count each chapter (since they're sometimes only like 40-something pages) or if I should only count whole complete webcomic series. So I understand your dilemma!