Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Tell Me Something Tuesday: Do You Cross-Post Your Reviews on Amazon?

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This week's discussion question is:

Yes! I absolutely cross-post my reviews on Amazon. I think cross-posting is extremely important and it benefits so many authors. Sure, it can be a bit time-consuming sometimes to look up the book and find the right pages, double-check formatting, etc., but in the end it is appreciated by many people. Not only does it allow other potential readers to find out more about the book, it also helps boost the book's visibility on Amazon.

I will be completely honest and say that I do not know the specifics on this, but I have heard from many authors, publicists, and other publishing figures that the more reviews a book gets, the higher its rating is and the more likely it is to be featured in advertisements and book recommendations on the site.

On the plus side for you, it exposes your reviews to even more potential readers, as they can easily click on your username and be taken to an Amazon profile where you can have other reviews you've written, and even links to your blog. I've certainly had many authors reach out to me after looking at reviews of mine on Amazon, so it is definitely beneficial on all fronts.

As for when I cross-post my reviews, that depends. I try to cross-post them at the same time that I post them on my blog and Goodreads, but the problem with that is when I review ARCs of books that aren't yet realized. In those instances, I typically try to make sure I schedule time once a month/at the end of the month/etc. when I go through and cross-post all of the reviews I've posted since the last time I cross-posted them.

So now I pose the same question to you: Do you cross-post your reviews on Amazon? Do you cross-post them anywhere else? Is it a tedious task for you and is it something that you don't mind doing? Let me know!


  1. It is awesome that you have had postiive experiences posting your reviews. I hope that you continue and that it remains a good experience. Maybe things are getting better?

  2. Oh and thank you for doing TMST this week :)

  3. I cross post as well for two reasons. First, I feel it helps the author and two is to hopefully point people to my blog. I also try to post to Good Reads and other social medias. I've never had a bad experience with my reviews so I will keep doing it until that becomes a problem.