Thursday, August 16, 2018

Mini Graphic Novel Review: Ody-C Vol. 1 by Matt Fraction, Christian Ward

Ody-C Vol. 1: Off to Far Ithaca by Matt Fraction, artwork by Christian Ward
Image Comics, 2015
Paperback. 136 pages.
An eye-searing, mind-bending, gender-shattering epic science fiction retelling of Homer's Odyssey starting with the end of a great war in the stars and the beginning of a very long journey home for Odyssia and her crew of warriors. The journey to Ithicaa begins HERE, by Matt Fraction (Sex Criminals) and Christian Ward (Infinite Vacation, Olympus).

I was advised to go into this graphic novel with an open mind because it was a bit weird, but I am not sure anything could have prepared me for the full extent of how insanely weird this story is. This is a gender-flipped Odyssey retelling set in space. I want all things Classics-related in my life, so I knew I had to check this one out no matter how good or bad the reviews were (and well, there are a lot of the latter).

I can't really tell you much about the first half of this graphic novel because I personally have no idea what happened. This graphic novel was crazy and I couldn't pinpoint exactly what plot point was happening or what was going on at all. I was starting to get pretty disappointed throughout the first half because it was beginning to seem as though I would not like this at all, but since it was so short I figured I'd finish anyway. I'm glad I did, because I can say that the second half picks up a lot more and has a more coherent plot that I could follow much easier. The characters fell into place and there was a discernible relation to the Odyssey and the elements of the original mythical figures that brought everything to life.

The best things about this graphic novel are the writing style and the gorgeous artwork. This story, much like Homer's Odyssey, is also told in a verse-like style that really felt like a respectful tip of the hat towards Homer and the beauty of the original epic. In addition, the artwork is incredibly inventive and really shines on its own, and there are plenty of unique world-building elements and characters to explore.

Overall, I didn't love this as much as I hoped, but I was impressed enough with the style and last half of the story that I do think I will give the second volume a chance. I plan to re-read this one someday int he hopes of it clicking it a bit more, but I'm just hoping the next installment makes a bit more sense the entire time. I gave this three stars!

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