Tuesday, September 18, 2018

First Chapter Tuesday: The Traitor Baru Cormorant by Seth Dickinson

First Chapter Tuesday is hosted every Tuesday by Vicki @ I'd Rather Be at the Beach. This is meme in which bloggers share the first chapter of a book that they are currently reading or thinking about reading soon. Join the fun by making your own post and linking up over at Vicki's blog, or simply check it out to find more new books to read!

It's another busy week, so I thought I'd share with you all one of the books I just recently picked up! It is:

The Traitor Baru Cormorant by Seth Dickinson



Trade season came around again. Baru was still too young to smell the empire wind. 

The Masquerade sent its favorite soldiers to conquer Taranoke: sailcloth, dyes, glazed ceramic, sealskin and oils, paper currency printed in their Falcrest tongue. Little Baru, playing castles in the hot black sand, liked to watch their traders come in to harbor. She learned to count by tallying the ships and the seabirds that circled them. 

Nearly two decades later, watching firebearer frigates heel in the aurora light, she would remember those sails on the horizon. But at age seven, the girl Baru Cormorant gave them no weight. She cared mostly for arithmetic and birds and her parents, who could show her the stars.

 But it was her parents who taught her to be afraid."

I think this is a fairly interesting and engaging start. I have been seeing people talking about how incredible this book is everywhere and I knew I'd have get to it eventually, but it kept popping up everywhere so I just decided to give in and request it from my library. I'm only ~100 pages in and I'm slightly on the fence still. It seems like it has a lot of potential and I have faith that it will pick up, but I've just had a bit of a time trying to get into it, so we'll see! I'm still really excited about finally reading it, though! It has a really fascinating premise.

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What do you think? Would you keep reading these books? (And feel free to join in and make your own post!) 

*Excerpts are taken from the novel itself; I do not claim to own any part of the excerpt.


  1. Not my kind of read, usually; thanks for sharing and enjoy. Here's mine: “A YEAR OF EXTRAORDINARY MOMENTS”

  2. I;d have to read a little more to be sure .. but enjoy!

  3. I would have to check it out more to decide. Happy Reading.

  4. What a striking cover and it does sound intriguing though I'm not sure this one is for me.

    Thanks for sharing,
    ~Brittany @ Brittany's Book Rambles

  5. I have heard this isn't the easiest read, but I think it's one of those books that turns out to be really good if you stick with it. I'm curious to hear your final thoughts 😀