Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Top 5 Tuesday: Authors I Need to Read (Fantasy Edition!)

This week I decided to switch back over and participate in Top 5 Tuesday, hosted by BionicBookworm!

This week's topic is: Authors I NEED to read (fantasy edition)

I don't really have that many favorite bookmarks since I mainly use post-it-type notes as bookmarks, so I decided to hop back over to Top Five Tuesday and share five authors (of many) that I need to read! It's basically turned into a list of shame that I haven't read these, but I'm hoping to prioritize them soon!

1. Guy Gavriel Kay

TiganaThe Summer Tree (The Fionavar Tapestry #1)The Lions of Al-RassanUnder Heaven (Under Heaven, #1)
I've been meaning to read Guy Gavriel Kay for years now, but somehow I still haven't! It's always described and recommended to me in ways that make me think I'd really like it, so I'm really going to do my best to make it a priority next year to read at least one of his books.
2. R. Scott Bakker

The Darkness That Comes Before (The Prince of Nothing, #1)The Warrior Prophet (The Prince of Nothing, #2)The Judging Eye: OneNeuropath
Bakker is another that's been on my radar for what seems like ages, but I just haven't gathered the courage to dive in. I recall checking out The Darkness that Comes Before from the library a few years back, but the font was so tiny and cramped that I never ended up getting to it, haha. Hopefully the next chance will better!

3. Peter S. Beagle

The Last UnicornI'm Afraid You've Got Dragons
I've heard nothing but praises for The Last Unicorn and I really badly want to read it! The main reason I haven't checked out any of Beagle's work is because my library doesn't have any copies, so I just have to get around to buying a copy sometime. I'd also really like to support him and his work amidst the struggles around his books. 

4. Robin Hobb

Assassin's Apprentice (Farseer Trilogy, #1)Fool's Errand (Tawny Man, #1)Ship of Magic (Liveship Traders, #1)Fool's Assassin (The Fitz and The Fool Trilogy, #1)
Technically I've tried reading Assassin's Apprentice on two different occasions, but I never finished it either time so I'm not sure if that counts as having read Robin Hobb? Regardless, I have a feeling I'll really enjoy her books based on what I've read, I just have to be in the right mood for them since they seem to be somewhat on the slower side.

5. Juliet Marillier

Daughter of the Forest  (Sevenwaters, #1)Wildwood Dancing (Wildwood, #1)Shadowfell (Shadowfell, #1)The Dark Mirror (The Bridei Chronicles, #1)
Okay, so I have actually read something from Marillier--The Harp of Kings just a few months earlier--but there are still so many of her books that I haven't read yet and I just have a feeling that I am going to love them.

Have you read any books from these authors? What'd you think of them!?


  1. I haven't read any of these authors, but I hope you enjoy them!

  2. I've not read anything by these authors but I've heard great things about Robin Hobb's books and Juliet Marillier's.