Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Can't-Wait Wednesday: Ariadne by Jennifer Saint, Master Artificer (The Silent Gods #2) by Justin Travis Call, Luck of the Titanic by Stacey Lee

Can't-Wait is a weekly meme hosted by Wishful Endings that spotlights exciting upcoming releases that we can't wait to be released! This meme is based off of Jill @ Breaking the Spine's Waiting on Wednesday meme.
May is packed with releases, which means we are once again going to be featuring three books each week for Can't-Wait Wednesday because one or two are simply not enough. :)

This week's upcoming book spotlights are: 
Ariadne by Jennifer Saint
Publication: May 4th, 2021
Flatiron Books
Hardcover. 320 pages.
Pre-order: AmazonIndieBound

"A mesmerising retelling of the ancient Greek myth of Theseus and the Minotaur. Perfect for fans of CIRCE, A SONG OF ACHILLES, and THE SILENCE OF THE GIRLS.
As Princesses of Crete and daughters of the fearsome King Minos, Ariadne and her sister Phaedra grow up hearing the hoofbeats and bellows of the Minotaur echo from the Labyrinth beneath the palace. The Minotaur - Minos's greatest shame and Ariadne's brother - demands blood every year.
When Theseus, Prince of Athens, arrives in Crete as a sacrifice to the beast, Ariadne falls in love with him. But helping Theseus kill the monster means betraying her family and country, and Ariadne knows only too well that in a world ruled by mercurial gods - drawing their attention can cost you everything.
In a world where women are nothing more than the pawns of powerful men, will Ariadne's decision to betray Crete for Theseus ensure her happy ending? Or will she find herself sacrificed for her lover's ambition?
Ariadne gives a voice to the forgotten women of one of the most famous Greek myths, and speaks to their strength in the face of angry, petulant Gods. Beautifully written and completely immersive, this is an exceptional debut novel."
I'm reading this one right now, and there's something odd about it to me, but I'm also really enjoying it? Regardless, I'm excited for its release because I think it's awesome to have more Greek myth retellings--and it's so lovely!

Master Artificer (The Silent Gods, #2)
Master Artificer (The Silent Gods #2) by Justin Travis Call
Publication: May 18th, 2021
Hardcover. 866 pages.
Pre-order: AmazonIndieBound

"The fabulous sequel to 2019's hit debut novel: Master of Sorrows.
Annev has avoided one fate. But a darker path may still claim him . . .
After surviving the destruction of Chaenbalu, new mysteries and greater threats await Annev and his friends in the capital city of Luqura. As they navigate the city’s perilous streets, Annev searches for a way to control his nascent magic and remove the cursed artifact now fused to his body.
But what might removing it cost him?
As Annev grapples with his magic, Fyn joins forces with old enemies and new allies, waging a secret war against Luqura’s corrupt guilds in the hopes of forging his own criminal empire. Deep in the Brakewood, Myjun is learning new skills of her own as apprentice to Oyru, the shadow assassin who attacked the village of Chaenbalu – but the power of revenge comes at a daunting price. And back in Chaenbalu itself, left for dead in the Academy’s ruins, Kenton seeks salvation in the only place he can: the power hoarded in the Vault of Damnation . . ."
I really enjoyed Master of Sorrows back when I read it and have been excited to dive back into this world! I was granted an early copy of this so I'm hoping to dive in soon--but at 800+ pages, it may take me a while, haha! The covers for this series have also been so gorgeous so far.

Luck of the Titanic
Luck of the Titanic by Stacey Lee
Publication: May 4th, 2021
G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers
Hardcover. 304 pages.
Pre-order: AmazonIndieBound

"Southampton, 1912: Seventeen-year-old British-Chinese Valora Luck has quit her job and smuggled herself aboard the Titanic with two goals in mind: to reunite with her twin brother Jamie--her only family now that both their parents are dead--and to convince a part-owner of the Ringling Brothers Circus to take the twins on as acrobats. Quick-thinking Val talks her way into opulent firstclass accommodations and finds Jamie with a group of fellow Chinese laborers in third class. But in the rigidly stratified world of the luxury liner, Val's ruse can only last so long, and after two long years apart, it's unclear if Jamie even wants the life Val proposes. Then, one moonless night in the North Atlantic, the unthinkable happens--the supposedly unsinkable ship is dealt a fatal blow--and Val and her companions suddenly find themselves in a race to survive.
Stacey Lee, master of historical fiction, brings a fresh perspective to an infamous tragedy, loosely inspired by the recently uncovered account of six Titanic survivors of Chinese descent. "
I absolutely love the premise of this one and thinks it sounds like it'll be such an interesting perspective to follow. Really can't wait for this one!

What do you think about these upcoming releases? What are your anticipated upcoming releases?


  1. I am really curious about Ariadne bc you said it was odd and yet you're enjoying it. And you're right, the premise for Luck of the Titanic is intriguing. I hope it's as good a read as it sounds.

  2. Luck of the Titanic sounds amazing, and I love all these Greek mythology retellings coming out, so Ariadne sounds really appealing, too!

  3. I just love books centered around the Titanic, and now I really want to get my hands on Luck of the Titanic!

  4. Luck of the Titanic is a must read for me, and I love the covers of the other two books. Hope you get them all soon!
    Lisa Loves Literature

  5. I just love the covers to these books! They are amazing! Great picks!

    Here’s my WoW!

    Ronyell @ Rabbit Ears Book Blog

  6. I love a good chunkster once in a while! :)

  7. I really want to read Luck of the Titanic too. It covers a part of the ship's history I know so little about. I am glad you are enjoing Ariadne even while finding it odd. I hope you are having a great week!

  8. I'm really excited to read Ariadne and Luck of the Titanic :)