Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Can't-Wait Wednesday: One Foot in the Fade by Luke Arnold & Hotel Magnifique by Emily J. Taylor


Can't-Wait is a weekly meme hosted by Wishful Endings that spotlights exciting upcoming releases that we can't wait to be released! This meme is based off of Jill @ Breaking the Spine's Waiting on Wednesday meme.

This week's upcoming book spotlights are: 

One Foot in the Fade (The Fetch Phillips Archives #3) by Luke Arnold
Publication: April 26th, 2022
Paperback. 464 pages.
Pre-order: Amazon |

"Welcome back to the streets of Sunder City, a darkly imagined world perfect for readers of Ben Aaronovitch and Jim Butcher. 

In a city that lost its magic, an angel falls in a downtown street. His wings are feathered, whole—undeniably magical—the man clearly flew, because he left one hell of a mess when he plummeted into the sidewalk. 

But what sent him up? What brought him down? And will the answers help Fetch bring the magic back for good? 

Working alongside necromancers, genies, and shadowy secret societies, through the wildest forests and dingiest dive bars, this case will leave its mark on Fetch's body, his soul, and the fate of the world."
I have been really loving this series from Luke Arnold and am so glad that the next book is finally coming out!


Hotel Magnifique by Emily J. Taylor
Publication: April 5th, 2022
Hardcover. 400 pages.
Pre-order: Amazon |

"All her life, Jani has dreamed of Elsewhere. Just barely scraping by with her job at a tannery, she’s resigned to a dreary life in the port town of Durc, caring for her younger sister Zosa. That is, until the Hotel Magnifique comes to town. 

The hotel is legendary not only for its whimsical enchantments, but also for its ability to travel—appearing in a different destination every morning. While Jani and Zosa can’t afford the exorbitant costs of a guest’s stay, they can interview to join the staff, and are soon whisked away on the greatest adventure of their lives. But once inside, Jani quickly discovers their contracts are unbreakable and that beneath the marvelous glamour, the hotel is hiding dangerous secrets. 

With the vexingly handsome doorman Bel as her only ally, Jani embarks on a mission to unravel the mystery of the magic at the heart of the hotel and free Zosa—and the other staff—from the cruelty of the ruthless maître d’hôtel. To succeed, she’ll have to risk everything she loves, but failure would mean a fate far worse than never returning home."
I am such a sucker for premises like this with a magical moving place/event of mystery. I've been debating a lot about this one because I keep saying no more YA fantasy and then trying them out again and often times being disappointed, but... does this not sound so fun and whimsical?? I can't wait to check it out!

What do you think about these upcoming releases? What are your anticipated upcoming releases?


  1. I'm so curious about Hotel Magnifique! I hope you get to read it😁

  2. I hope you enjoy these when you get a chance to read them! Have a great week.

  3. Ooh, Hotel Magnifique sounds really cool!

  4. Ooh is that the same Luke arnold from Black Sails???