Friday, September 9, 2022

The Friday Face-Off: Armor/Protection

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Welcome to The Friday Face-Off, a weekly meme at Books by Proxy. Join us every Friday as we pit cover against cover, and publisher against publisher, to find the best artwork in our literary universe.  You can find a list of upcoming topics at Lynn's Books.

This week's topic is:

Despite how much fantasy and historical fiction I read, I struggled to find a good cover for this topic. Fortunately, I eventually thought of David Gemmell's Lord of the Silver Bow, which features a man fully decked out in armor for battle and seemed to be a good fit for the armor/protection theme. Let's check out some of the covers that exist for this book!

2006 US Paperback | 2005 US Hardcover | 2007 Italian

2012 Slovak | 2012 Persian | 2006 German

2006 Polish | 2009 Spanish

My choice(s):
I'm not sure that I have a particular favorite out of these! I really like the 2005 hardcover with the horse on it and I also really love the simplicity of the Italian edition as well, it has a very dramatic and solemn feel to it. 

What cover(s) do you like the most?


  1. I like the consistency between these!

  2. I skipped this week because I just couldn't find a book. I think I like the Slovak cover the best😁