Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Anticipated December 2023 Releases


December is always one of the slowest months in publishing with all of the holidays and general winding down of the year, but it's not to be ignored because there are still a number of amazing books coming out. I'm possibly most excited for Foz Meadows' All the Hidden Paths, as it's a sequel that I've been very eagerly anticipating. What December releases have you been looking forward to? Let me know if it's any of these or if I missed any of your most anticipated!

Into Siberia: George Kennan's Epic Journey Through the Brutal, Frozen Heart of by Gregory J. Wallance || December 5th -- Amazon | Bookshop.org

All the Hidden Paths by Foz Meadows || December 5th -- Amazon | Bookshop.org

The End of the World is a Cul de Sac by Louise Kennedy || December 5th -- Amazon | Bookshop.org

Yours for the Taking by Gabrielle Korn || December 5th -- Amazon | Bookshop.org

Saevus Corax Gets Away with Murder by K.J. Parker || December 5th -- Amazon | Bookshop.org

Grievar's Blood (The Combat Codes Saga #2) by Alexander Darwin || December 5th -- Amazon | Bookshop.org

The Lost Tomb by Douglas Preston || December 5th -- Amazon | Bookshop.org

A River of Golden Bones by A.K. Mulford || December 5th -- Amazon | Bookshop.org

The Curse of Penryth Hall by Jess Armstrong || December 5th -- Amazon | Bookshop.org

What Waits in the Woods by Terri Parlato || December 26th -- Amazon | Bookshop.org

Her Dark Wings by Melinda Salisbury || December 12th -- Amazon | Bookshop.org

What are your anticipated December releases?

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  1. There are a lot more December releases that I realized. I've heard good things about Yours For the Taking😁