Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Can't-Wait Wednesday: All the Hidden Paths (The Tithenai Chronicles #2) by Foz Meadows & The End of the World is a Cul de Sac by Louise Kennedy


Can't-Wait is a weekly meme hosted by Wishful Endings that spotlights exciting upcoming releases that we can't wait to be released! This meme is based off of Jill @ Breaking the Spine's Waiting on Wednesday meme.

This week's upcoming book spotlights are:

All the Hidden Paths (The Tithenai Chronicles #2) by Foz Meadows
Publication: December 5th, 2023
Tor Books
Hardcover. 528 pages.
Pre-order: Amazon |

From Goodreads:
"The follow-up to Foz Meadows's A Strange and Stubborn Endurance , a sultry political & romantic fantasy exploring gender, sexuality, identity, and self-worth.

With the plot against them foiled and the city of Qi-Katai in safe hands, Velasin and Caethari have begun to test the waters of their relationship. But the wider political ramifications of their marriage are still playing out across two nations, and all too soon, they’re summoned north to Tithena’s capital city, Qi-Xihan, to present themselves to its monarch.

With Caethari newly invested as his grandmother’s heir and Velasin’s old ghosts gnawing at his heels, what little peace they’ve managed to find is swiftly put to the test. Cae’s recent losses have left him racked with grief and guilt, while Vel struggles with the disconnect between instincts that have kept him safe in secrecy and what an open life requires of him now.

Pursued by unknown assailants and with Qi-Xihan’s court factions jockeying for power, Vel and Cae must use all the skills at their disposal to not only survive, but thrive – because there’s more than one way to end an alliance, and more than one person who wants to see them fail."

I absolutely adored the first book in the Tithenai Chronicles, A Strange and Stubborn Endurance, and I genuinely cannot wait to finally get a chance to read the sequel!

The End of the World is a Cul de Sac: Stories by Louise Kennedy
Publication: December 5th, 2023
Riverhead Books
Hardcover. 304 pages.
Pre-order: Amazon |

From Goodreads:
"In The End of the World is a Cul de Sac the political is intertwined with the personal, as Louise Kennedy reveals how ordinary lives can get caught up in a wider, national drama.

Sarah, abandoned by her partner, sits alone in their brand new house.

Orla, facing the strange revenge of her husband, is forced to judge a contest in the local fĂȘte.

Peter raises his daughter in rural seclusion, at what might as well be the end of the world.

Louise Kennedy started writing at the age of forty-seven, and her prose is instilled with a clarity and wisdom born of her own experience. This collection announces a major new voice in literary fiction for the twenty-first century.

I've found I really enjoy checking out collections of short stories from new authors, and I'm intrigued by the theming of this one.


  1. Interesting choices today. Hope you love them!

  2. Louise Kennedy's book does sound intriguing. I like to read short story collections from time to time, and I really like the sound of this one. All the Hidden Paths has such a pretty cover and looks like it will be good as well. I hope you enjoy both of these!

  3. I really love Foz Meadows' writing - so I'll look out for this series - thank you for sharing:)).

  4. The End of the World is a Culdesac sounds really good. It's been quite a whole since I read a literary collection.