Friday, December 15, 2023

The Friday Face-Off: Current Read #20

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This week's topic is:
Current Read #20

I've finally gotten around to reading a copy of Isabelle Schuler's Lady Macbethad that I've had sitting on my shelf for a while and I am very much enjoying it so far! It's also one of the only books I'm reading right now that has more than one edition (and I might just make the other one next week's pick) and I figured they'd make great options to compare, so let's have a look.

2023 Bloomsbury UK Edition

2023 Harper Perennial US Edition

2023 Umbriel Spanish Edition

My choice(s):
As you can see, the US edition has a very different cover theme to it than the UK and Spanish  editions, and it also even has a different title! I always think it'd be a little confusing to have your book out with different titles, but I guess it's more variety. I'm currently reading the UK edition and I love how bold the red is, but I'm also quite partial to the way the red sword and crown pop out on the darker Spanish edition. Which edition(s) do you like the best?

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  1. I don't like when books have different titles in other countries because it makes me think an author has another book out, and then I'm disappointed! These are all very pretty - I do like the starkness of the Spanish version!