Monday, May 29, 2017

Anne Bonnie Volume #1: The Journey Begins by Tim Yates

Anne Bonnie #1: The Journey Begins by Tim Yates. Blue Juice Comics, 2014. 180 pages.

Hands down, this was easily one of the most entertaining and enjoyable things I've read this year. 

This is a fast-paced, not overly serious comic series of a young girl named Ariana who wants nothing more than to be a pirate on her own ship like all of the pirate legends she's grown up hearing about. And because of this passion, she gets into more than a bit of trouble on the high seas. Right off the bat, you know that this is going to be a great adventure, and it doesn't disappoint.

Ariana is someone you can't help but love. She's crazy and makes some rather impulsive decisions that can be frustrating, but it's also what makes her so endearing -- and also what makes us wish we could be more like: someone who takes risks and lives life to its fullest, even if it might not always go our way. 

The additional characters, such as Shen Kenoshi, Mary Reed, and Finn, are all wonderful additions and only serve to make this story pop even more. I loved that it was such a diverse cast not only in appearance but also in personality. Ariana is loud, outgoing, and rash, whereas Kenoshi is more thoughtful and knows when things should be kept quiet. Finn is also on the quieter side and less sure of himself, but still a strong character in his own right who is quite charming. Another character I loved was Mary Reed, who is a wonderfully badass woman who you can't help but love for her strength and dominating force. 

In addition to the wonderful characters and exciting plot were the beautiful illustrations, which I loved. There is something so easy and relaxed about them, and I found the bright, vibrant colors to add an even more pleasant addition the this adventure story. The personality of each character was rendered brilliantly, and it is obvious that Yates knows what he's doing. 

This comic seems incredible age-less to me. As an adult, I love this, and I can also see teens and even younger kids enjoying this as well. I don't really know what the target audience is supposed to be for this one, but I definitely see this as appealing to any adventure-lover.

Anne Bonnie is a blast, and I cannot recommend this one enough to anyone who loves pirates, adventures, or characters that are full of personality. Overall, I'm giving Anne Bonnie five stars! I can't wait to read more -- and stay tuned for more Blue Juice Comic reviews coming soon!

*I received a copy of Anne Bonnie courtesy of Blue Juice Comics; this is no way influences my review.*

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