Thursday, June 29, 2017

Book Traveling Thursdays: A Book that Originally Had A Yellow Cover

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This week I'm once again participating in Book Traveling Thursday!
"Book Traveling Thursdays is a weekly bookish meme hosted by Catia from The Girl Who Read Too Much and Danielle's Book Blog. The idea of this group is check out the list of weekly themes for each month in this meme's Goodreads page and simply pick a book to match the theme! Once you've found a book, explore different covers of various editions for that book and make a post about it.  To find out more, you can check out our Goodreads group!

This week's theme is a book that was originally published with a yellow cover. For this one, I chose: 
Slade House by David Mitchell
I loved this book! It was everything I want in a dark, twisty house story, and I definitely recommend it to anyone interested in that sort of thing. My review for Slade House can be found here!

Original Cover Design:
 Slade House
Other editions:

Slade HouseSlade HouseSlade HouseDoorgang
I custodi di Slade HouseDům za zdíSlade HouseSleido namas
Top Row: Trade Paperback. UK, UK, Dutch
Bottom Row: Italian, Czech, Polish, Lithuanian

Although the original yellow cover is my favorite, I really love the trade paperback, second UK, and Polish editions! I think they are wildly imaginative and definitely contribute to the atmosphere of the story. The Polish one really makes the house seem like a land of its own - which it sort of very much is.  The Dutch cover is also a good choice to me because the house is so intimidating and imposing, but it gives off more of an old-school haunted house vibe, which isn't completely right in my opinion. 
What do you think of these covers? Do you have a favorite? Do you have any books that you have a bad cover but are fantastic stories, regardless? Let me know!

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