Thursday, November 30, 2017

Rafe Rebellius and the Clash of the Genres by Joseph Lowery

Rafe Rebellius and the Clash of the Genres by Joseph Lowery. 2017. Ebook .162 pages.

If you're looking for an adventurous middle grade novel that runs wild with imagination, then Rafe Rebellius and the Clash of the Genres is the next book you should check out.

Rafe Rebellius has spent much of his youth traveling around the country with his scientist parents for their work. As a result of their constant travel and moving from school to school and town to town, Rafe wants to finally settle in one place.into one place. This finally happens when his family moves to -- and he lands at his seventh school, where he is told that he will be able to stay for all four years while living with some of his extended family, the Genrés. While in this town, Rafe enters endless books that take him on endless adventures through different stories. The rest of this story's plot is left up to you to discover.

The characters that we are introduced to throughout Rafe Rebellius are the perfect mix of quirky and captivating, and I really enjoyed learning about each one. The endearing nature of the characters' different personalities really drew me in and made this entire book an exciting experience, though many of the characters did seem to fit solely into one specific mold and nothing else. The Genrés family itself is so fascinating, and I liked how Lowery developed the dynamics between Rafe and those he met and interacted with.

I thought this entire book was so clever with its inclusion of so many different genres in one overarching story. Rafe experiences that are fantasy, western, sci-fi, detective mysteries, and more throughout this entire story, and I really liked how Lowery used this to really showcase each genre. I loved being able to escape into this story and find myself transported to a variety of different times and places all in one book.

Lastly, I was  impressed with the quality of writing. Lowery is able to find the perfect balance between giving enough information, but never dwelling too long in any one area. He also uses his language in a manner that is simple enough for a middle grade reader to follow, but not too simple or youthful that an older reader or adult wouldn't be able to also appreciate. I'm an adult and I still enjoyed it!

Overall, I've given Rafe Rebellius and the Clash of the Genres  four stars! I will certainly be keeping it in mind as a gift for young readers in my family this holiday season.

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