Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Can't-Wait Wednesday: The Library of the Unwritten by A.J. Hackwith & Curious Toys by Elizabeth Hand

Can't-Wait is a weekly meme hosted by Wishful Endings that spotlights exciting upcoming releases that we can't wait to be released! This meme is based off of Jill @ Breaking the Spine's Waiting on Wednesday meme.

This week's upcoming book spotlights are: 

The Library of the Unwritten (A Novel from Hell's Library, #1)
The Library of the Unwritten by A.J. Hackwith
Publication: October 1st, 2019
Ace Books
Paperback. 336 pages.

"In the first book in a brilliant new fantasy series, books that aren't finished by their authors reside in the Library of the Unwritten in Hell, and it is up to the Librarian to track down any restless characters who emerge from those unfinished stories. 

Many years ago, Claire was named Head Librarian of the Unwritten Wing-- a neutral space in Hell where all the stories unfinished by their authors reside. Her job consists mainly of repairing and organizing books, but also of keeping an eye on restless stories that risk materializing as characters and escaping the library. When a Hero escapes from his book and goes in search of his author, Claire must track and capture him with the help of former muse and current assistant Brevity and nervous demon courier Leto. 

But what should have been a simple retrieval goes horrifyingly wrong when the terrifyingly angelic Ramiel attacks them, convinced that they hold the Devil's Bible. The text of the Devil's Bible is a powerful weapon in the power struggle between Heaven and Hell, so it falls to the librarians to find a book with the power to reshape the boundaries between Heaven, Hell....and Earth."
Once again, I'm actually reading this one right now because NetGalley unexpectedly decided to grant me access to it! I'd requested it months ago so I wasn't sure if it would happen and it ended up being a great surprise. I am so in love with this concept of a library in Hell where unfinished stories live--it reminds me of the library from Nevernight!--and I can't wait to continue to see what this author does with the story.

Curious Toys
Curious Toys by Elizabeth Hand
Publication: October 15th, 2019
Mulholland Books
Hardcover. 384 pages.

"The year is 1915 and Pin, the fifteen year-old daughter of an amusement park fortune teller, disguises herself as a boy to run with the teenage boys who thrive in the dregs of Chicago's street scene. 

Unbeknownst to the well-heeled city-dwellers and visitors who come to enjoy its attractions, Riverview Park is also host to a brutal serial killer, a perfumed pedophile who uses the secrecy of a dark amusement park ride to conduct his crimes. When Pin sees a man enter the Hell Gate ride with a young girl, and leave without her, she knows that something deadly is afoot. 

The crime will lead her to the iconic outsider artist Henry Darger, a brilliant but seemingly mad man obsessed with his illustrated novel about a group of young girls who triumph over adult oppressors. Together, the two navigate the seedy underbelly of a changing city to uncover a murderer few even know to look for."
This sounds super creepy and intense and I am all here for it. This sounds like a great October read and I haven't seen anyone mention it anywhere so I have absolutely no idea what to expect, but I'm excited for it! 

What do you think about these upcoming releases? What are your anticipated upcoming releases?


  1. Great choices! I also have a copy of The Library of the Unwritten, and I've seen Curious Toys and it sounds really good!

  2. They both sound really good. Hope you're enjoying The Library of the Unwritten.

    My CWW

  3. I featured Curious Toys some time back and I've already got a hold request on The Library of the Unwritten.

  4. Forgot to say I hope we both love them.

  5. The idea of unfinished stories having to be housed somewhere because the characters can come to life sounds very intriguing!

  6. Woah Curious Toys does sound a bit creepy! Definitely perfect for October. :)

  7. I am very excited about The Library of the Unwritten as well. I just love the concept! Curious Toys does sound intense! This is the first I've heard about it. I will have to look for it. I hope you enjoy both of these!

  8. I will have to check out The Library of the Unwritten. What a fun concept. I hope you are enjoying it!

  9. The Library of the Unwritten is one I'm really looking forward to as well. I had requested an ARC for it but got rejected so I'm patiently (not really, lol) waiting for the publication date.