Friday, May 21, 2021

The Friday Face-Off: Top Hat


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Welcome to The Friday Face-Off, a weekly meme at Books by Proxy. Join us every Friday as we pit cover against cover, and publisher against publisher, to find the best artwork in our literary universe.  You can find a list of upcoming topics at Lynn's Books.

This week's topic is:
Top Hat

I wasn't sure at first what book I'd pick for this one until I remembered Johannes Cabal the Necromancer by Jonathan L. Howard, which has the perfect top hat front and center on the cover! There weren't that many editions available to share, but I really like the variety and how different all of the editions are. I decided to share a few of the sequel covers as well, just to add a bit to look at. 

Johannes Cabal the Necromancer (Johannes Cabal, #1)Johannes Cabal the Necromancer (Johannes Cabal, #1)
2009 Doubleday | 2010 Headline 

Seelenfänger (Johannes Cabal, #1)Иоганн Кабал, некромант (Иоганн Кабал, #1)
2009 German | 2019 Russian

The sequels:
Johannes Cabal the Detective (Johannes Cabal, #2)The Fear Institute (Johannes Cabal, #3)The Brothers Cabal (Johannes Cabal, #4)The Fall of the House of Cabal (Johannes Cabal, #5)
2010 | 2011 | 2014 | 2016

My choice(s):
Johannes Cabal the Necromancer (Johannes Cabal, #1)
I actually really like most of the editions of this one, but I remain partial to this original US edition, and I love how well this entire series looks together.
 The 2010 Headline edition and the 2019 Russian ones are close second for cool ones, though! 

What cover(s) do you like the most!?



  1. I love those U.S. editions too! This book is new to me and I'm intrigued😁

  2. Ooh, that's a hard topic! I think I like the one you chose the most, too!