Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Top Ten Tuesday: Titles that Make Complete Sentences

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly book blog meme now hosted by Jana over at The Artsy Reader Girl!

This week's topic is: Book Titles That Are Complete Sentences

There are a lot of titles out there that sound like complete statement, but to fully embrace this topic I tried to pick ones that really felt like a sentence with action and purpose, and it actually ended up being a pretty fun search through titles. All of these are titles (obviously), but since we're viewing them as sentences, I'm just going to write them out as a sentence without capitalizing or italicizing the titles (this has honestly been so much harder to do because I have the hardest time not capitalizing titles, haha! Who knew?)

1. We begin at the end. 
We Begin at the End

2. They mostly come out at night. 
They Mostly Come Out at Night (Yarnsworld, #1)
Delightfully ominous.

3. We ride the storm. / We ride with death. 
We Ride the Storm (The Reborn Empire, #1)We Lie With Death (The Reborn Empire, #2)

4. Killing Commendatore. 
Killing Commendatore
It might be a bit, er, violent, but hey, it's a sentence, isn't it?

5. I love you too much. 
I Love You Too Much

6. We have always lived in the castle. 
We Have Always Lived in the Castle
I wish I'd always lived in a castle, too. Maybe not that one, though?

7. Gather the daughters. 
Gather the Daughters
...but based on what happens in this book, you probably shouldn't gather the daughters.

8. The heart goes last.
The Heart Goes Last

9. And the hippos were boiled in their tanks. 
And the Hippos Were Boiled in Their Tanks
A rather horrid title to consider, I think. 

10. The girl who soared over fairyland cut the moon in two. 
The Girl Who Soared Over Fairyland and Cut the Moon in Two (Fairyland, #3)
Honestly, any of this series' titles worked, but I always mention the first book so I thought I'd mix it up. 

Do you know any great titles that function as a complete sentence? Let me know!


  1. Wow, you found some great ones! I especially like I Love You Too Much!

  2. They Come Out Mostly at Night sounds good!

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  3. These are great! That hippo title is scary, lol. But I do love We Have Always Lived in the Castle😁

  4. This has been such an interesting topic, and your list is great! The title and cover for They Mostly Come Out at Night are super creepy!
    My TTT

  5. We have always lived in the castle is one of my favorite Shirley Jacksons. Great selection you have here today! That last one sounds so intriguing!

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  6. They mostly come out at night has such a beautiful cover! I remember really liking it when I read it too.

  7. I was so stumped on this topic, so I changed it. You came up with some great ones though.
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  8. That second one especially such an awesome title!