Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Fantasy + Horror Authors I Still Need to Read

 Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly book blog meme now hosted by Jana over at The Artsy Reader Girl!

This week's theme is: Authors I Want to Read

This week's Top Ten Tuesday is all about authors we want to read, so I've opted to share some of the many fantasy series and horror books I still want to read from authors I've never read anything from before! I've split this list to share five fantasy authors/series and five horror novels/authors, and I'll be honest that this was a lot harder than I thought to keep it to only five books for each category because there are so many that I want to read, but I did my best. 


Of Blood and Fire (The Bound and the Broken, #1) A Memory Called Empire (Teixcalaan #1)
We Are the Dead (The Last War, #1) Empire of Silence (Sun Eater, #1) Rivers of London (Rivers of London, #1)

Ryan Cahill (The Bound and the Broken): This series has really blown up in fantasy circles lately (or at least I'm certainly seeing it a lot) and it sounds fantastic! I've heard some really good things and it sounds like it has a lot of classic fantasy elements that I always tend to love, so I'm curious to see how it's written. 

Arkady Martine (Teixcalaan): I remember when the first book in this series came out and how much I wanted to read it (especially with that awesome cover)... and yet here we are? And I still haven't read it? You know how it is, there's no real explanation, but regardless of all that, I still really would like to check this series out and am really hoping to do soon! (Edit: I made this post ahead of time and I'm actually now reading this book as of 4/10!)

Mike Shackle (The Last War): Whenever I see these covers, I always think "I have to read that!" Something about that creepy mask-like face is just incredible enticing to me. I also love that the premise of this series seems to be in the aftermath of a war in which the enemy won, which is always a take I love to explore!

Christopher Ruocchio (Sun Eater): I haven't seen too much about the Sun Eater series around, but whenever I do see anything about it's usually immensely positive, which has really made me itch to check it out sometime. 

Ben Aaronovitch (Rivers of London): This series was never really on my radar (despite it's amazing covers!) because I don't tend to be attracted to detective-type stories, but lately I keep seeing it recommended and my interest has gotten very piqued. The amount of love and excitement for this series has me convinced that I officially need to check it out, so hopefully that will happen sometime soon. 


 Moon of the Crusted Snow Water GhostsRevelator Now You're One of Us The King in Yellow, Deluxe Edition

Waubgeshig Rice: I received a copy of Rice's Moon of the Crusted Snow for Christmas and I'm so excited to read it! I'm honestly not sure if this is more thriller or horror, but I've seen it mentioned as horror quite a bit, so that's what I'm running with. I'm really interested in some of his others books, as well, and really hope I love his work as much as I'm hoping. 

Shawna Yang Ryan: The blurb describes this as "a lyrical imagining of what happens when a Chinese ghost story comes true," and I think that sounds incredible. It sounds like it'll be a pretty engaging read and it's been on my TBR for a little while.

Daryl Gregory: I've been seeing Gregory's name mentioned for years now and it's really past time I actually get around to picking up one of his books. I'm really interested in Revelator, but I'm open to reading any of his books. If you've read any Daryl Gregory, what books do you recommend??

Asa Nonami: This book's blurb throws out comparisons to Rebecca and Rosemary's Baby and I think that sounds pretty damn compelling! It doesn't have the highest ratings on Goodreads, but I feel like horror books are often pretty polarizing. Here's to hoping I enjoy this as much as I'm hoping to!

Richard W. Chambers: I see Richard Chambers' The King in Yellow mentioned occasionally here and there and every time I do I am so intrigued. As far as I can tell, it's a Victorian Gothic horror of ten short related stories about people who read a play called "The King in Yellow" and it sort of makes them go crazy? Or something? I'm a little fuzzy on the details, but that's exactly how I prefer to be when it comes to horror. 

Have you read any of these books? Who are some authors you want to read for the first time?


  1. I haven't read any of these, but do hope that you enjoy them.
    My TTT post is here: https://wp.me/pbWIBM-oS

  2. I haven't read any of these, but do hope that you enjoy them.
    My TTT post is here: https://wp.me/pbWIBM-oS

  3. I haven't read any of these, but I hope you love them all!

  4. Water Ghosts sure sounds good.

    My post: https://lydiaschoch.com/top-ten-tuesday-authors-i-havent-read-but-want-to/

  5. I would definitely recommend the Rivers of London series, its more urban fantasy then Detective.
    My TTT

    1. Ooh that's great to know, thanks! I think it's one I may have to bump up on my TBR. :)

  6. Horror is not my thing and these look terrifying, but I hope you love them when you get to them.

  7. Ooh Rice is on my list too. Same here- I've been meaning to read it for MONTHS

  8. These look great! I haven't read any of these authors, but I'm always on the look out for good speculative fiction. Following!@GetLostInLit

  9. I've seen Revelator around and it's piqued my interest. I hope you end up enjoying these authors!

  10. Daryl Gregory is one of my favorite authors, and I've read all of his recent books, although he's got a big backlist I need to work on. I highly recommend Spoonbenders, it always comes to mind when I think of my favorites­čśü