Friday, September 23, 2022

Anticipated October 2022 Releases


The fall 2022 releases just keep coming! October is another absolutely packed month of new releases and, even knowing that I'll never get to all the books I want to read, I'm not mad about it! I can't wait for so many of these and I know a lot of you are as well. I'm in the middle of Little Eve and Jackal and I have It Rides a Pale Horse up next, so things are looking pretty good for my reading at the moment. I've already read A Dowry of Blood (amazing!) and Lavender House (also amazing) and would recommend both! Let me know what books you are most looking forward to seeing published in October, even if it's one I forgot to add to this list. 

It Rides a Pale Horse by Andy Marino || October 4th -- Amazon |

A Dowry of Blood by S.T. Gibson || October 4th -- Amazon |

Little Eve by Catriona Ward || October 11th -- Amazon |

The Hollow Kind by Andy Davidson || October 11th -- Amazon |

Jackal by Erin E. Adams || October 4th -- Amazon |

Demon Copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver || October 18th -- Amazon |

Malice House by Megan Shepherd || October 4th -- Amazon |

Dark Room Etiquette by Robin Roe || October 11th -- Amazon |

Lute by Jennifer Marie Thorne || October 4th -- Amazon |

The Dark Between the Trees by Fiona Barnett || October 11th -- Amazon |

The Night Ship by Jess Kidd || October 4th -- Amazon |

The Whispering Dark by Kelly Andrew || October 18th -- Amazon |

Our Missing Hearts by Celeste Ng || October 4th -- Amazon |

Lavender House by Lev AC Rosen || October 18th -- Amazon |

Lady Joker, Volume Two by Kaoru Takamura || October 18th -- Amazon |

Seven Empty Houses by Samanta Schweblin || October 18th -- Amazon |

The Mountain in the Sea by Ray Nayler || October 4th -- Amazon |

The Witch in the Well by Camilla Bruce || October 4th -- Amazon |

Dinosaurs by Lydia Millet || October 11th -- Amazon |

Daughters of the New Year by E.M. Tran || October 11th -- Amazon |

Liberation Day by George Saunders || October 18th -- Amazon |

Hester by Laurie Lico Albanese || October 4th -- Amazon |

The Song of the Cell by Siddhartha Mukherjee || October 25th -- Amazon |

Strike the Zither by Joan He || October 25th -- Amazon |

If You Could See the Sun by Ann Liang || October 11th -- Amazon |

Such a Pretty Girl by T. Greenwood || October 25th -- Amazon |

The Socialite's Guide to Murder by S.K. Golden || October 11th -- Amazon |

What are your anticipated October releases?


  1. October is a crazy good month for publishing! I think I'll start Little Eve next, after I finish the three books I'm in the middle of, lol.

  2. YESSS! Little Eve sound so good! What a killer list!!

  3. Always fun to look through a list of new-to-me books!

  4. There are so many good books coming out it's ridiculous (a good ridiculous though lol). I'm excited for Malice House and The Night Ship.