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Blog Tour: The Weaver and the Witch Queen by Genevieve Gornichec

Today I'm thrilled to share with you all my stop on The Weaver and the Witch Queen's blog tour! This is Genevieve Gornichec follow up release to her first book, The Witch's Heart, which debuted last year and is one that I absolutely adored. I was more than happy to join on this blog tour to highlight her latest release, which is another captivating and thoughtful story told in another Norse myth and Viking-inspired world. And thanks to Yazmine Hassan for inviting me to join this tour!

Author:  Genevieve Gornichec
Pub. Date: July 25th, 2023
Publisher: Ace
Find it: | Amazon

"In THE WEAVER AND THE WITCH QUEEN, the lives of two women—one desperate to find her missing sister, the other destined to become the Queen of Norway—intertwine after a blood oath is put to the test. Childhood friends Gunnhild and Oddny could not be more different: Oddny longs for a peaceful life and a good marriage, while Gunnhild is eager for power and magic. Despite their differences, the girls swear a blood oath to help each other always. Their paths diverge after a fateful night when a powerful seeress delivers a foreboding prophecy which promises that one girl will be the undoing of the other.

Years later, Gunnhild is on a path to becoming a powerful witch, and Oddny and her sister Signy are leading peaceful lives on their family’s farm. The quiet life that Oddny imagined for herself is swiftly ripped from her when her mother is killed and her sister is captured by Viking raiders, and fate draws Oddny and Gunnhild together once more.

Desperate to reach Signy before it’s too late, Gunnhild agrees to a marriage of convenience with Eirik Haraldsson, the future ruler of Norway, giving her the might of his army and an exalted position as the most powerful woman in Norway. But as Gunnhild approaches her destiny as the future Mother of Kings, the bonds that held her to Oddny and Signy are tested in ways they could never have foreseen, and Gunnhild will have to decide if the path to power is worth the blood and terror left in its wake."

        Early Praise:  

Intimate and sweeping, richly detailed and propulsive, tragic and uplifting, The Weaver and the Witch Queen proves Genevieve Gornichec really can do it all. Oddny and Gunnhild’s story is epic, timeless, and most of all honest in its portrayal of the indomitable strength of women, the joys and pains of sisterhood, and the limitless power of love in all its many forms.” -Vaishnavi Patel, New York Times bestselling author of Kaikeyi

“Gornichec showcases her knowledge of Icelandic folklore and history, while her storytelling reveals the complex and engrossing lives and emotions of her characters.” –Library Journal

“The women will do everything in their power to find their blood-sworn sister, and Gornichec carefully weaves multiple story lines full of political upheaval, romance, and self-discovery into their quest…there’s plenty to enjoy in this lush, Norse mythology-infused world. Fans of Circe and The Book of Gothel will be especially enchanted.” –Publishers Weekly

“Entwines impeccable storytelling, fascinating historical detail and characters so nuanced and mercilessly human that I fell for every one of them and still can’t let them go. Give me everything Gornichec writes—I will devour it.” –H.M. Long, author of Hall of Smoke

“A breathtaking saga of a novel that brims with page-turning tension and wit, impeccable historical and cultural detail, and heroines that are at once fierce and complex but also full of true heart and soul.” –Olesya Salnikova Gilmore, author of The Witch and the Tsar

“Gornichec is a masterful storyteller, crafting remarkable characters full of bravery and heart, a rich world, and the intimate and unbreakable bonds of sisterhood and love. I was both moved and fascinated by this wonderful historical fantasy – epic, tragic, with a slow burn enemies-to-lovers romance.” –Sue Lynn Tan, bestselling author of Daughter of the Moon Goddess


Genevieve Gornichec earned her degree in history from the Ohio State University, but she got as close to majoring in Vikings as she possibly could, and her study of Norse myths and Icelandic sagas became her writing inspiration. She lives in Cleveland.

Author photo by Daina Faulhaber, via author's website

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  1. I'm pretty sure I have this one on my TBR - the Viking/Norse inspiration is something I personally don't come across often!