Tuesday, February 16, 2016

My Favorite Local Bookstores!

Hey everyone! I've had a few questions lately about what (if any) local bookshops I like to visit, so I decided that I should make an entire post dedicated to this topic so that I can share this information with everyone else. That way if you're ever in the area, you can drop in and give these indie stores some love!

So without further ado, here are a few of my favorite local(ish) bookstores!

1. Downtowne Books - Riverside, CA

I stumbled upon this cozy little bookstore a few years ago with my mother and have now revisited it quite a few times. Downtowne Books is the definition of a quiet, cozy, insanely-packed bookstore - packed with books, that is. The entrance to this store is a little out of the way - my mom and I actually walked right past it the first time we visited. But once you find it and enter, you'll feel right at home with such a welcoming, warm, and homey atmosphere, complete with wonderful creaking floors and a strong bookish scent. Downtowne Books is a used bookstore, so you'll be sure to find a wide array of items at various prices. The owners are both delightful, and if you're interested you can read a bit more about them and the bookstore in this article.

An almost hidden alleyway leading to the entrance - but there are signs, don't worry!

So many shelves!

2. Renaissance Books - Riverside, CA

Renaissance Books is also a store that seems sort of hidden, but it's worth the find. Upon entering, it appears to be your average bookstore, but then the true vastness of the store is apparent and it's wonderful. I found out about this gem through an article in my local newspaper (yes, I still read the print newspaper every day), and I knew I had to run down and check it out.

The owner, Gene, is a wonderfully impressive and pleasant man who is extremely knowledgeable and always willing to help you find what you need. All in all, Renaissance Books is an awesome place to spend some time looking for books.

The first photo is courtesy of the Press Enterprise.
The second photo was taken from the store's Yelp page.

Okay, so most people seem to know about The last Bookstore - it's gorgeous! It is the ultimate book lover's paradise.

The first floor has your basic bookshelves and such, but don't get stuck down there because there are still other floors to explore. Honestly, if it's your first time visiting, I recommend either blocking out a good chunk of time to explore or plan on visiting again in order to view all areas.

There's the infamous rainbow bookshelf (good luck sorting through that),

my favorite archway of books (my own photo is on my Goodreads profile),

the enormous sci-fi and fantasy section,

and one of my favorites, the flying books:

All pictures courtesy of lastbookstorela.com 

4. Cellar Door Books - Riverside, CA

Cellar Door Books is the newest addition to the area and opened just a few years ago. Cellar Door Books has a lot of great events, including writing workshops and book clubs! (There's even an Agatha Christian book club that I am so tempted to join, but unfortunately I can't make the time.) The staff is lovely and knowledgeable and the entire store has a wonderful homey feel that is perfect for any bookstore.

I love the brick flooring!

Photo courtesy of the Cellar Door Books website.

So that's my list! What are some of your favorite local bookstores? Leave a comment, send an email, send an owl - let me know some of your favorite local bookstores and I'll pick a few at random to spotlight in an upcoming post. There's nothing better than discovering new local bookstores!

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