Friday, September 6, 2019

Month in Review: August 2019

Despite August having been one of the busiest months, I somehow read...more than usual? I really don't how that happened, other than maybe because some of these books were just so good that I sped through them really quickly? Regardless, I'm certainly not complaining and I'm more than satisfied with what I read this month. A few of my most highly anticipated releases came out last month--Jade War and The House of Sacrifice--and they were both fantastic, and I also had an unexpected surprise with This Tender Land by William Krueger! I didn't know anything about it when I first picked it up and it ended up blowing me away completely because of how much I loved it, it definitely has poetntial to be another new favorite. The Unlikely Escape of Uriah Heep was another book that I fell hard for and really can't recommend enough; if you like books featuring classic literary characters (acting as themselves, of course), then you need to read this one and watch the literary world come to life (quite literally). 

In more personal news, my sister is coming up on her due date for her baby (October) and I'm so excited/anxious about being a first-time aunt!  I've never been much of a kid person, but I have a feeling I'll feel very differently about this child. ;) I do have to be the best aunt, ever, of course---and supply books! 

I also started grad school during the last week of August and honestly, I'm still questioning why I decided to do this to myself, haha, but I just love Classics so much that I thought I'd give it a shot. I've been keeping it quiet among family and friends because I'm not honestly sure how it will go and I'm not sure how many more incredulous "what are you possibly going to do with a Masters degree in Classical Studies!?" to give me even more anxiety than I've already given myself. So far, it's a lot of work (which is why I'm so behind on responding to comments lately--sorry!), but I am also loving the content and really surprised at how happy it's making me. With my depression, happiness has been in short supply! 

Anyway, that about wraps up my August--how was August for you guys!? I hope whereever you are that it hasn't been as hot as it has been here, and if it has been I hope you've been staying cool and safe!
 How was your reading month? Did you read any great books? Have you read any of the books I read? Let me know!

# books read: 16 (!?)

The House of Sacrifice (Empires of Dust #3)The Harp of Kings (Warrior Bards #1)Jade War (The Green Bone Saga, #2)This Tender Land
The House of Sacrifice by Anna Smith Spark 
Source: Publisher (Orbit) | Format: Paperback

The Harp of Kings by Juliet Marillier 
Source: eARC (NetGalley)

Jade War by Fonda Lee 
Source: Publisher (Orbit) | Format: Hardcover

This Tender Land by William Kent Krueger 
Source: ARC

The Last AstronautBlack CreekMemento MortaleOur War
The Last Astronaut by David Wellington 
Source: Publisher (Orbit) | Format: Paperback

Black Creek by Dan Kemp 
Source: Review Request | Format: ebook

Memento Mortale by Angeline Walsh 
Source: Giveaway | Format: Paperback

Our War by Craig DiLouie 
Source: Publisher (Orbit) | Format: Hardcover

The Great Hunt (The Wheel of Time, #2)Godsgrave (The Nevernight Chronicle, #2)Emily EternalThe Truants
The Great Hunt by Robert Jordan 
Source: Owned | Format: Mass Market Paperback

Godsgrave by Jay Kristoff (re-read) 
Source: Owned | Format: Hardcover

Emily Eternal by M.C. Wheaton 
Source: Owned | Format: ebook

The Truants by Kate Weinberg 
Source: ARC

The Ten Thousand Doors of JanuaryThe Unlikely Escape of Uriah HeepSword and Pen (The Great Library, #5)The Symposium
The Ten Thousand Doors of January by Alix E. Harrow 
Source: Publisher (Orbit) | Format: Hardcover

The Unlikely Escape of Uriah Heep by H.G. Parry ★+
Source: Publisher (Orbit) | Format: Hardcover

Sword and Pen by Rachel Caine 
Source: eARC (NetGalley)

Symposium by Plato (re-read)
Source: Owned | Format: Paperback


Ever AliceThe House of Sacrifice (Empires of Dust #3)Jade War (The Green Bone Saga, #2)The WarehouseTidelands (Fairmile #1)Our WarThe PassengersAfter the Flood
Ever Alice by H.J. Ramsay 
The House of Sacrifice by Anna Smith Spark 
Jade War by Fonda Lee 
The Warehouse by Rob Hart 
Tidelands by Philippa Gregory 
Our War by Craig DiLouie 
The Passengers by John Marrs 
After the Flood by Kassandra Montag 

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Have you read any of these? What books did you read this month? I hope you all had a great month-- comment below and let me know!


  1. I ended up reading way more than I thought I would in August, too!

    Being an aunt is so much fun, and yes, I always give them books!

  2. Wow, I'm seriously jealous of how much you read last month! And good luck with grad school. I say if it's making you happy, you're doing the right thing😁