Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Top Ten Tuesday: The Many Places I've Found Myself Reading a Book

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly book blog meme now hosted by Jana over at The Artsy Reader Girl!

This week's topic is: The Many Places I've Found Myself Reading a Book

There aren't too many exceptionally strange places I've found myself pulling out my book/Kindle/Kindle app on my phone, but there are still quiet a variety of places. Here are a few of the different places I've found myself reading over the past years:

  1.  The airport - Back in 2019, I found myself having to make a lot of flights, which therefore meant I was finding myself with a decent bit of waiting around time. I used to be able to read in public when I was a kid, but lately I've found myself more easily distracted. Fortunately, I quickly swung back into the habit and generally had a book with me 24/7 while flying: waiting at the gate, waiting in line to board, on the plane before, during, and after takeoff, etc. I ended up getting a lot of reading done!
  2. At school - This is probably one of the most common ones. During my undergraduate degree, there were many times when I had gaps between classes, and as a commuter I really had nowhere to go. I eventually found a nice little bench in a quiet area and that became my go-to to sit and do some reading while waiting for my next class. I also would read while waiting inside the classroom waiting for class to start.  
  3. In stores - Who else can relate to being a bit bored while waiting for other people to shop? There are more than a few occasions when I've whipped out my phone and opened up my Kindle app to do some reading while hanging out at a store. 
  4. In waiting rooms - Also probably a pretty common on. Dentists, doctors, etc.-what better place to get a bit of reading in?
  5. At parties - Look, a lot of us readers prefer spending some time alone reading rather than socializing, and sometimes parties can be a bit boring, so why not slip out the phone and reading a little on your Kindle? 'Parties' also includes family gathering of any kind, as there's often plenty of down time to just relax and read a bit. 
  6. At concerts - When I was a teenager, I started going to a number of concerts alone because none of my friends were into the same music as me (heavier stuff like metal, post-hardcore, etc.), and sometimes waiting between sets can get a little boring. What better time than to get out my phone and try to get in some reading? It's a little weird and hard to focus, but also pretty nice.
  7. In line at the DMV - The DMV has long lines where you don't have to do anything, so naturally I find myself reading whenever I'm there. 
  8. While exercising - I know most people like to listen to music or watch a show while exercising, but for some reason I just get weirdly bored while doing so and tend to read instead. Kindle if it's easy to hold, audiobook if it's not. 
  9. At parks - Parks are a wonderfully relaxing place to pick up a book and enjoy the outdoors at the same time.
  10. Waiting for a doctor - I made this one separate from waiting rooms because I specifically mean that time when you're in the doctor's office, but you're either waiting for a nurse or the doctor (or PA) and you have to sit there quietly wandering when they'll remember you're in the room. The best time (and by best I mean worse) is when you're there for your "women's annual" and you get to sit in that little robe freezing cold while waiting for the doctor. Good times to read, though!

Do you relate to any of these? Where are some places you've found yourself reading?


  1. The airport is a good one - there's only so many times you can walk around the terminal!

  2. DEfinitely at school! I actually missed a class because I got carried away with what I was reading.