Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Did I Read the Books On My Tentative Winter "TBR"?

 Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly book blog meme now hosted by Jana over at The Artsy Reader Girl!

This week's theme is: Books you're excited for, but still haven't read (aka for me-books I wanted to read from my winter TBR)

So this week's topic is to highlight books we were really excited to read, but still haven't. Rather than create yet another one of these lists with even more books I want to read (because trust me, I could do this every week and never run out of books, haha), I've decided to look at the books I put on my Winter "TBR" (I put quotes around TBR because I use the phrase lightly since I don't actively make TBRs) from this post and see which ones I've actually read and which ones I've procrastinated on. So, let's assess my reading!

Honestly, this is far better than I expected! I actually made it through most of these books and stuck to my deadlines much better than anticipated. This is probably the first time I've almost actually stuck to a TBR of sorts, haha, even though I guess technically it was just a list of ARCs I intended to get to anyway, but still. I'll run through each of these briefly below. Have you read any of these books??

Kagen the Damned: I'm actually reading this right now! I received an ARC of this so long ago it's almost embarrassing, but I kept saving it to read closer to its publication this month and then it just kept getting pushed back as I tried to fit in other ARCs and, well, here we are. But I'm glad to be finally reading it!

The City of Dusk: Done! Here's my review

The Hacienda: Another one I finished on time for publication! My review is here.

The Way Spring Arrives: Finished, and review is here. 

Wild and Wicked Things: Finished, review can be found here

The Starless Crown: I sadly DNF'd this one back in December. I was really excited for it and had high hopes, but unfortunately something just didn't click for me. Maybe I'll pick it up again sometime int he future, but I haven't felt compelled to yet. 

Road of Bones: Done–my review can be found here

Real Easy: I picked this one up so many times and just never kept reading it. I still have every intention to because I've heard great things, but I just haven't really been in the mood for it. Maybe sometime int he next couple of months!

Cold the Night, Fast the Wolves: Another success! Review is here

Extasia: Finished and participated in a blog tour here for it!

Wake the Bones: Not yet, but it's another one that I've had for quite a while. It's not out until July so I've been holding onto it so that it can be a bit close to publication when I actually read it. 

Midnight in Everwood: This was such a lovely story! I didn't fall in love with it as much as I'd hoped to, but my god was it dazzlingly written. The setting was just gorgeous. My review can be found here

Have you read any of these books? What are some books you're excited for but still haven't read and/or have you been able to read from your TBR?


  1. You did a great job on that "TBR"!

  2. Very nice work so far. I’m impressed. My winter TBR still has plenty of books left on it for me to read. haha.

    My post: https://lydiaschoch.com/top-ten-tuesday-books-i-was-so-excited-to-get-but-still-havent-read/