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Month in Review: February 2022

Am I the only one that really dislikes that February is such a short and weird month? I find it really annoying for some reason that it can't just extend even two more days to be like the rest of the months, but alas, I understand these things are not about our preferences... (although it'd certainly be nice if they were!). How was your February?? I don't feel as though I have all that much to report, which I guess is technically a good thing these days. Outside of my own life, of course, we have some very intense, difficult things going on, which has been really horrible and I'm doing what I can to show my support. 

In dog news, River is doing great! His coast suddenly stopped shedding so intensely and it suddenly feels so much softer and fuller–we're hoping that's a good sign that he is getting healthier. Today, when this post goes up, we will be taking him to get his first heart worm injection of melarsomine at 8:30AM and I am ridiculously nervous about it. I know things are more than likely going to be just fine, but it still sure is nerve-racking! And thus begins two months (8 weeks) of strict bed rest, which means we will unfortunately be giving him a mild sedative for those 8 weeks because we (including our vet) just don't think he'll be able to stay calm without it. I feel pretty bad about that as well, but it's so crucial to keep his heart rate down that I know it's the best option for his health.

But enough about my dog! Let's talk about books. :) This month I've decided to try to add a little bit of commentary about each book I read, so you can find that below with the list of books I read this past month if you're interested in my thoughts on what I read! :) Reviews for The City of Dusk, Sundial, Wild and Wicked Things, and The Great Witch of Brittany should be up in March. 

# books read: 11
The City of Dusk (The Dark Gods, #1)The Warrior Prophet (The Prince of Nothing, #2)The Lost City of the Monkey God: A True StorySundial
The City of Dusk (The Dark Gods #1) by Tara Sim 
Source: Publisher (Orbit) | Format: Physical ARC
Thoughts: I really enjoyed this one! It's out in March and I'd say it's a perfect choice for anyone who enjoys a nice big fantasy with multiple POVs. 

The Warrior Prophet (The Prince of Nothing #2) by R. Scott Bakker 
Source: Owned | Format: Paperback
Thoughts: I finally read the sequel! I actually enjoyed this a lot more than I expected (though I'm not sure why I didn't expect to more), despite it being a very slow read. I'll be waiting a little to pick up the third book, but I am still eager to do so!

The Lost City of Z by Douglas Preston 
Source: Gift | Format: Paperback
Thoughts: I've finally jumped back into my exploration-type books and found this one so interesting and informative.

Sundial by Catriona Ward 
Source: NetGalley | Format: eARC
Thoughts: This was sufficiently weird, which I expected, and I don't think I liked it quite as much as I'd hoped to, but it was still a very solid and entertaining read. 

The Bladed Faith (The Vagrant Gods, #1)Ghost on the Throne: The Death of Alexander the Great and the War for Crown and EmpireDead SilenceLady Joker, Volume One
The Bladed Faith by David Dalglish 
Source: Publisher (Orbit) | Format: Physical ARC
Thoughts: This isn't out until April, but it's totally worth the wait! I really liked this one. 

Ghost on the Throne: The Death of Alexander the Great and the War for Crown and Empire by James Romm 
Source: Owned | Format: Hardcover
Thoughts: Finally back into the Classics a bit! It was so nice to read something more academic again and about my past studies. I'm really hoping to start incorporating more Classics content into my reading to stay on top of things. 

Dead Silence by S.A. Barnes 
Source: NetGalley | Format: eARC
Thoughts: I was a little disappointed with this one and the fact that I didn't enjoy it quite as much as I'd anticipated, but it was definitely still super creepy and eerie and I absolutely recommend it!

Lady Joker by Kaoru Takamura, trans. Allison Markin Powell, Marie Iida 
Source: Library | Format: Hardcover
Thoughts: I struggled a lot with this one. I was so excited to read this because I'd heard so much about it, but boy was it a slow read. I thought I wouldn't mind because I tend to enjoy slower books... but no, this was difficult. Worth the read, I think, but not sure I'd really ever come back to it. 

Breasts and EggsThe Great Witch of Brittany: A NovelWild and Wicked Things
Breasts and Eggs by Mieko Kawakami 
Source: Owned | Format: Audiobook
Thoughts: This was apparently the only audiobook I finished in February and I loved it! I was riveted the entire time and definitely plan to look up more of Mieko Kawakami's works. 

The Great Witch of Brittany by Louisa Morgan 
Source: Publisher (Redhook) | Format: Hardcover
Thoughts: This was so perfect and I loved every single second of it. I just felt so content and comforted reading this book. I love Louisa Morgan's books!

Wild and Wicked Things by Francesca May ★.5
Source: Publisher (Orbit) | Format: Physical ARC
Thoughts: I really struggled through Wild and Wicked Things a bit and considered DNF-ing it a few times, but I'm glad overall I pulled through, though I am a bit disappointed that it didn't work out better for me. 

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  1. I'm so happy to see your 5 star review for The Great Witch of Brittany! And I'm looking forward to your Sundial review. That was a crazy book! Oh poor River! I'm thinking good thoughts the next 8 weeks won't be too tough😁

  2. Good luck with your dog and I hope everything goes well! :)

    I just finished Dead Silence and felt the same way. I liked it and it as super eerie but I think there's been so much hype that maybe mu expectations were elevated?

  3. Aww, I hope everything goes well with River today and in the coming weeks!