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Month in Review: June 2022

Well, it's been a month. I had much, much higher hopes that this would be the month I really get back on track with reading, but alas, it was not. I still managed to read eleven books, but it was a struggle getting through some of them (not to the books' fault, but my own struggle with stress and focus and all the other things in life). 

You may or may not have noticed that my posting was also pretty low on my blog in June as well, and that's really because my work got pretty busy and I didn't have the time I had planned to get things up. I usually prep pretty far ahead, but this past month was just a doozy. I'm hoping July will be a bit more consistent with postings, reviews, and all that good stuff. I also need to get back on track with my visiting other blogs because I feel like I haven't gotten to get around to other blogs as much as I usually do and it's been bumming me out! It may be a priority for me in July.  I'm very behind on reviews, so there may or may not be an influx soon of late June/July reviews coming up, depending on whether or not I can get my act together this weekend!

As far as reading highlights go, I have to say that The Book of Gothel, What Moves the Dead, and Midnight at the Electric were probably the standouts from my June reading. I'm currently reading The Daughter of Doctor Moreau and things are seeming very promising so far, I can't wait to keep reading! I don't have a lot more to say this month, haha, so please enjoy some photos of my dog (and my California drought-dead grass) because I'm obsessed with him. 

 How has your reading month been?? I hope you're all staying healthy and safe and doing well and had a great reading month. Please do share any books you read and loved in June (or hated, sometimes venting is helpful!), or let me know if you've read any of the books I read! :)

# books read: 11

What Moves the DeadMordew (Cities of the Weft, #1)Daughter of RedwinterThe Book of Gothel
What Moves the Dead by T. Kingfisher 
Source: NetGalley | Format: eARC
Thoughts: This wasn't my favorite of Kingfisher's work so far, but it was still a great one and I appreciated this retelling of The Fall of the House of Usher. It's a short read as well, so I'd recommend it still! A bit creepy, but not too creepy and really nails down some entertaining aspects. My review will be up closer to publication!

Mordew (Cities of the Weft #1) by Alex Pheby 
Source: Library | Format: Hardcover
Thoughts: I'm so very, very mixed on this book. I wanted to love it, and it had a lot of really strong, compelling points, but in the end... it was a bit of a slog. There were some confusing elements and I think the writing got a little disjointed and lost at times. Not sure if I'll continue the series.

Daughter of Redwinter by Ed McDonald 
Source: Publisher | Format: Physical ARC
Thoughts: This has a solid start, then I almost DNF'd it midway through... and then I decided I wanted to finish and I really enjoyed it! So this was a bit of a ride, but I'm glad I powered through. Full review to come soon!

The Book of Gothel by Mary McMyne 
Source: Publisher | Format: Physical ARC
Thoughts: I loved this so much and my review is already written and scheduled to be posted in July!

UpgradeWhere the Drowned Girls Go (Wayward Children, #7)Midnight at the ElectricNever Coming Home
Upgrade by Blake Crouch 
Source: NetGalley | Format: eARC
Thoughts: This was my first Blake Crouch and it won't be my last. I thought this was really compelling and explored some super fascinating ideas. 

Where the Drowned Girls Go (Wayward Children #7) by Seanan McGuire 
Source: Library | Format: Hardcover
Thoughts: This was an interesting installment in the Wayward Children series and I really liked getting a glimpse into the second school that exists for these children returning from different worlds. I'm curious to see where McGuire will take some future storylines.

Midnight at the Electric by Jodi Lynn Anderson ★.5
Source: Library | Format: Audiobook
Thoughts: This was so beautiful! I'd been wanting to read this one for a while and I can't believe it took me so long to get to it. Really loved it and definitely recommend!

Never Coming Home by Kate Williams ★.25
Source: NetGalley | Format: eARC
Thoughts: This was the perfect summer thriller and I had a great time with it. I appreciated that it had some interesting social commentary as well that I think blended well with the story itself. 

The Fires of Heaven (Wheel of Time, #5)Half a Soul (Regency Faerie Tales, #1)Vacationland
The Fires of Heaven (Wheel of Time #5) by Robert Jordan ★.5
Source: Library | Format: Audiobook
Thoughts: I finally made it to the fifth book of the Wheel of Time series, and here is where I will be taking a break that may or may not become a permanent stopping of the series. I want to like this series and there's something that makes me want to keep reading it, but my god am I tired of these characters and Jordan's writing and so many other things about it. I just need a break to think about it, haha. I understand this series' place in fantasy fiction history, but I also think it's a bit over-hyped these days (yes, I went there).

Half a Soul (Regency Faerie Tales #1) by Olivia Atwater 
Source: Publisher | Format: Physical ARC
Thoughts: This was really cute! It's not 100% the type of thing I'd regularly read, but I had a lot of fun with it and thought it made for a great nighttime read before bed. 

Vacationland by Meg Mitchell Moore 
Source: Publisher | Format: Physical ARC
Thoughts: I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Vacationland! This was an ARC sent to me that I wasn't expecting, so I made it my nighttime pre-sleep read and found myself really looking forward to it everyday. I'll try to have a review up soon!

The Martyr (The Covenant of Steel, #2)
The Martyr by Anthony Ryan
Source: Publisher | Format: Paperback
Reason: For some reason, I just could not get past the fifty page mark while trying to read this. I enjoyed the first book quite a bit, but something about this one just seems so dry and my brain cannot process it right now. I'm hoping sometime in the upcoming weeks I'll reset my brain and be able to, otherwise I guess I may be passing on this series for now? I'm so disappointed, though, because I'd been really looking forward to this sequel!

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  1. Eleven books is such a great total when you've been super busy! I hear you on usually being prepped ahead in terms of blog posts but falling behind recently - I feel the same way!

  2. Your dog is such a cutie! :) What's his name?

  3. My reading has been down too. I think Moreau sounds really interesting, will be curious to see what you think of that when done.

    Love the dog pics! :)

    Blake crouch always seems to explore interesting concepts. And Vacationland looks good.

  4. I hear you about work, I'm super busy at work too and it just drains me so I can't stay awake too late to read. Also, that grass looks just like my drought dead grass, lol. Love the dog photos! Hope July is a good month😁