Friday, October 2, 2020

Month in Review: September 2020

Well, that's a wrap on September, I guess? Time has lost all meaning for me. I'm really not trying to be dramatic, but September just started last week. I swear. Anyone else feeling as lost in time as I am? My husband and I also had a broken AC in our apartment over the past five days, which is not exactly fun in Southern California, so those past five days of muggy indoor warmth have just blended together and I have no idea what happened each day. Since one of the reasons we rented this apartment was because it had central AC, we don't really have any backup fans or anything, which made things... interesting. Leave it to us to be the one and only apartment to need a brand new compressor in years, right? (And shout out to our apartment manager who found and let us a borrow a portable AC for the last day/night before the AC got fixed!)

Anyway, in personal news... well, not much has really been happening in my life, and that's perfectly okay with me. I'm still trying to stay afloat with grad school (this past week was a doozy, but at least I'm past it!), though I am at least enjoying what I'm studying, so that's a plus! Spring semester course offerings were announced yesterday and I'm so stressed even thinking about it, so I'm just not going to yet, haha.  Outside of school, I'm still reading job hunting as well, which is exceedingly frustrating and fruitless during a pandemic, but I'm trying and hopefully something will show up. 

 This past month has been horrible with all the fires, but I'm hoping they are starting to get a bit of a grip on them, at least they seem to be on the ones around where I am. It's nice seeing some better air quality again as well. If you're anywhere near the fires, I hope you're staying safe and healthy!

In reading news, I read some pretty great books this past month! I'm slowly working my way through my NetGalley tower, which is great as well. Stand outs from this month would absolutely include The Hollow Places, which what phenomenal and I'm in love with that entire book. I also had an absolute blast reading Red Seas Under Red Skies and Dead Man in a Ditch. I also finished my very first full audiobook this month! I started new Sandman (by Neil Gaiman) adaptation back in July and finally finished it and it was fantastic! There's a full cast, sound effects, everything--it basically felt like I was listening to a movie, and I don't think they could have done a better or more faithful job (it basically took the comics word for word, which some additional descriptions since we lack the illustrations). I highly recommend it. I usually struggle to focus on audiobooks, but this one was perfect for drawing me in and getting my started in the audiobook world.

Anyway, enough about me--how are you guys!? Have you been hanging in there okay? Reading any good books? Relaxing? Are you working/in school/etc.? I hope you all had the best August that you could have given the circumstances of this year! :) Without further ado, let's get on to the wrap-up!

# books read: 14

The Hollow Places by T. Kingfisher
Source: NetGalley | Format: Ebook
Blackfish City by Sam J. Miller
Source: Owned | Format: Hardcover
The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue
Source: NetGalley | Format: Ebook
Red Seas Under Red Skies  by Scott Lynch
Source: Owned | Format: Paperback
Never Come Morning by Nelson Algren
Source: Owned | Format: Paperback
Dead Man in a Ditch by Luke Arnold 
Source: Publisher | Format: Paperback
 The Sandman Audible Original 
Source: Owned| Format: Audiobook

The Ministry for the Future by Kim Stanley Robinson 
Source: Owned | Format: Hardcover

The Sandman: The Dream Hunters by Neil Gaiman 
Source: Library | Format: Paperback

Witches of Brooklyn by Sophie Escabasse 
Source: Giveaway | Format: Paperback

Queen of Volts by Amanda Foody 
Source: NetGalley | Format: Ebook

Everless by Sara Holland 
Source: Owned | Format: Paperback

Tsarina by Ellen Alpsten 
Source: Publisher | Format: Physical ARC

Gatekeeper by Alison Levy 
Source: Publisher | Format: Physical ARC

Kings of Ash by Richard Nell 

Top Five/Ten Tuesday:
Books for My Younger Self
The Friday Face-Off:

Have you read any of these? What books did you read this month? I hope you all had a great month-- comment below and let me know!

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  1. Ugh, having no AC would bother me, too! Good luck with the job search!