Book Reviews by Genre

*Note: These are broad umbrella-esque categories. For instance, the fantasy/sci-fi genre category will include epic/high/dystopian/steampunk/etc. Magical realism books can be found under general fiction (Rushdie, for example). Some books are multi-genre, but I just went with what fit best. I do hope to add more detailed categorization in the future.

Ahdieh, Renee - The Wrath and the Dawn
Akers, W.M. - Westside
Blake, Kendare - Three Dark Crowns
Blaylock, James P. - The Gobblin' Society
Brodsky, Jordanna Max - The Wolf in the Whale
Brooks, Elliot - Peace and Turmoil
Borr, Radislav - Chronicles of a Nuclear World First Post-Apocalyptic Journal: Under the Ground
Boyden, Aline - Stealing Thunder

Historical Fiction:
Adler, Warren - Mother Nile

Dillon, Patrick - Ithaca
Eliasberg, Jan - Hannah's War
Faber, Michel - The Crimson Petal and the White
Fine, Sarah - Of Metal and Wishes
White, Kiersten - And I Darken
Williams, Beatriz, Lauren Willig, & Karen White - All the Ways We Said Goodbye
Valentine, Genevieve - The Girls at the Kingfisher Club

General Fiction:
Abrams, J.J. & Doug Dorst - S
Atwood, Margaret - Hag-Seed
Blundell, Judy - The High Season

Berkovits, Annette Libeskind - Confessions of an Accidental Zoo Curator 
Billman, Jon - The Cold Vanish
Courtney, Brian - Off the Grid: The Catalyst
Davis, David and Andra St. Ivanyi - The Academy Alignment
Derchansky, Rafael - Corridor One
Higashino, Keigo - The Devotion of Suspect X
James, Rebecca - The Woman in the Mirror
Kinato, Kanae - Confessions
Kirman, Robin - Bradstreet Gate
Pessl, Marisha - Night Film 
Richardson, A.H. - Murder in Little Shendon
Yates, Christopher J - Grist Mill Road

Dimaline, Cheri - Empire of Wild

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